Saturday, December 18, 2010

Even If I Do Say So Myself-- 38 Friends Say Even Better Things About the Red Pill Guide

What people are saying about the "Red Pill Guide" at

Salwa Mustafa Awesome blog, sharing, thanks Martin. … Everything you need to know in one page.

Candy Hayter This is exactly what I was trying to find I was taking 3 hours trying to find info for a friend Well now she can Choose from this list THANK YOU !!

Wearechange Portland Or WOW! Martin, I just looked at your link..... All I can say is "Amazing!", and Thank you!

Andy Douglas Credit where it is due Martin!! Tis a great site with some really good all round information...even if it will take me months to get through it all lol. Keep up the good work :):)

Kevin Barrett Great selection of topics here!

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower This is really great and I am so glad you are here and we have connected! With love, Laura

Buddy Moore Martin, you have done a fine job with this comprehensive and valuable list of the big misinformation issues of our day.... Martin, I will share your valuable "Red Pill Guide" and commend it.

David Lux Smsmt ♥ goddessbless your kind efforts Martin

George Russell Amazing times, for sure! Thanks for putting the 'Red Pill Guide' together. I only wish I had found it sooner. I know you put alot of time and effort into compiling all of that great info in one place!

Ginger White: Excellent work !!! Well set out

David Jeremiah: Motherload of Truth… If You are a truth seeker, this is a One Stop Tells All Site

Søren Wain Hej Martin Thanks for adding. Spetacular job of research and gathering info!!! I`ll gladly promote Ur compendium. Keep up the great work. Truth is gaining momentum … Great collection of eye/mind-opening info !!

Arielle Kelly Wow...Martin has done an amazing, eye-opening & mind boggling job to get all this info together in the one place...bravo!

Yollanda Gonzales: Martin, I just read your site and totally agree with your research having read voraciously all my life.

Chris Colvin A book by Martin Truther....very well written and organized on a wide range of topics! ♥

Ima Looney AWESOME COMPLIATION OF TRUTHS ON THIS WEBSITE, IF YOU NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING , TRUST ME, ITS ON HERE, A JOB WELL DONE BY MARTIN TRUTHER-- alot of work surely has gone into this site, this is a page that would be great to print out and hand out to people on the streets to wake them up OR EMAIL TO YOUR SHEEPLE! Thanks, Martin!

Rita Leonardsen I was amazed to find so many of the the topics I`ve been researching on ONE page. awesome work!! thank YOU :o)

Angelie Sharma Martin has some very important videos to watch. excellent blog bro!

Terrie Aucoin Thx for the add.....and thx for blogging what you did....lots of research and resources...great blog!!!!

Melissa Baird You have done an amazing job and all the information is in the one place.Well done Martin

Robert McNulty Here is a new friends blog named "Martin Truther". There is some really great links to videos of interests every American NEEDS to see. Check this out friends!

Nicolas Guillermo Great site for suppressed truths. Check this out!

Tomasz Garnek wow, this is a great collection of books, articles, films, and videos detailing the secrets and lies cast over humanity.. Everything from poisoned food, to manipulated media, to UFO's, and even existentialism. A little something for everyone. Please take the opportunity to enlighten yourself, if even just a little. cheers

Joanne Marvin: This is a "keeper".....check out "The Red Pill Guide"............J.

Gordon Tyrrell: what a great piece of research. i'm going to bookmark and check out some of the links.

Tomasz Garnek Thank You for compiling such a comprehensive guide to these topics that are ever so important in this day and age. I hope many people will find it useful on their journey to the Truth. I know it will keep me busy for a while. Thanks again and all the best!

Charlie Cox This is an awesome link with lots of great info: covers alot of great topics!!!

Liz Abbott This is excellent, everybody!! Great to start by overviewing it all! I learned new things, & reinforced things I knew, just by dong that for starters! Lots of good stuff here to focus in on. HIGHLY recommended! Great for both novice & experienced Truth Seekers!

H Michael Sweeney This is yet another list. I am affirmed how the various independent groups tend to agree with each other and my own observations about controlled media, disinfo, etc. That tells me the 'system works' not as well as they think. You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not all, all.

Liz Abbott This is excellent, everybody!! Great to start by overviewing it all! I learned new things, & reinforced things I knew, just by dong that for starters! Lots of good stuff here to focus in on. HIGHLY recommended! Great for both novice & experienced Truth Seekers!

Chris Stanford wow ton of great links and vids.....very cool

George Russell Martin, thank you for all the work you've done and the countless hours of sleep you've lost putting together the Red Pill Guide. It is undoubtedly the best resource I've encountered in my own research!

Crandall Connor (to Mark Scarboro's re-post) You always come up with the coolest links.

Patricia Tamariz curious about food/water poisoning, vaccines and medicine as population control, government lies and cover ups (ahem, 9/11), chem trails, and waking up to the truth of whats going on in our world today? click this.

Kate Fahey AWESOME… This is an amazing piece you have gathered together. I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to find other people out there on the same page. Bah. You probably already know how good it feels. Relief! I hope all of my friends are checking this "Red Pill Guide"'s exactly it! And, very uplifting...thank you for that! .. We're trying to wake up a society dumbed down, drugged out and scared to death. ADD is almost a defense mechanism. It's frustrating. Very, very frustrating. But what is the alternative for those of us who never took a nap, and have been wat ... ching and documenting the whole time? It's too late to rest now, game is ON. But we are finding each other...that matters. They didn't want that to happen. And, that gives me much hope. Your stuff is brilliant, and will a/effect a lot of people. So, thank you for all of your hard work. You rock, Martin!

Saying No To'Nwo -- Love it!!! Everything I have been researching and learning about. Very good page, I havent had the time to click on the links yet but will. Thank you!

R.b. Ham Bookmark and share this. Excellent research tool.

Mike Stubbings That's a hell of a Link! Tricia Jones You like that one huh. Mike Stubbings Yes i do.


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