Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Desperately Need All of Your Help Speaking Truth to Your Friends and Families.

As you know, I've been spending much of this last year working hard to put truth out there on a number of topics in the "Red Pill Guide" that I've compiled.  I am proud of the work I've done.  I still feel the information I've compiled includes some of the best sources available anywhere.  My doing this work has come at significant personal cost-- my business has suffered from my focus being diverted to this work.  I've lost a long-term relationship and a few friends over this work.

I am just one person. 

I try to tell my kids about Aspartame and MSG and their attitude is "Ah, you know dad and his overcautious, unconventional ideas."  One is a smoker now and drinks diet (aspartame) sodas frequently.  Another buys cases of MSG-laced Top Ramen noodles when he goes shopping.

My nieces and nephews all get their vaccinations and flu shots annually.  My brother claims he's listened to my concerns and talked to some friends of his who are doctors and reached a different conclusion than me and will accept no more information on the subject from me. 

Our parents are aging.  One step-parent has Alzheimer's and refuses to look into PhoenixTears and some of the neuro-protective capabilities it offers.  They're willing to listen but won't do anything their doctor doesn't recommend and their doctor will not recommend Phoenix Tears.  Another parent has MS and will not look into Phoenix Tears' benefits for that disease for the same reasons.

I am, very literally, watching my family die and/or be slowly killed because they are unable to believe the information I've gathered or simply are not capable of entertaining doubt about their doctors' recommendations.  And I'm the only one in their lives who tries to alert them to alternative information.  I have become like the truth-telling but disbelieved Cassandra from ancient Greek lore.  This has GOT to change.

There's only an average of 7 (or fewer) degrees of separation between any of you, my Facebook friends, and any of my family members.  My family and so many others' families need to be hearing about this information from sources besides me.  I've done all I can do and, sadly, failed so far.  Some will laugh at me for admitting this and will say things like, "What a loser, even his own family doesn't believe his crazy conspiracy theories."   So, I've been loathe to talk about my family situation until now.

Death is very real this time of year.  Late winter is when some snowbirds go south and some  fly away completely from this life.  I know, at a deep level, that it doesn't really matter because... "It's only a ride!", but my heart aches for all the current suffering and bad choices being made in my family, in my little tribe of souls.

And all of this is on top of my basic concern for humanity, the victims of the BP disaster, the Fukushima disaster, wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, mass animal deaths all over the globe and more catastrophes and disasters waiting in the wings.

If it seems to you like I've been burning the candle at both ends, well, you're right and now you know why.

But it's not been nearly enough.

There is a popular prayer called the "Serenity Prayer" that goes like this:

"God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference."

Conventional wisdom is that neither I nor anyone else should bother working to change things on a scale much larger than our neighborhoods because how many of us can honestly look at the big picture problems and feel any sense of empowerment about our personal ability to affect the outcome?  Yet, some of us know better-- as Dr. Seuss's Once-ler character put it,"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not."

If none of us try, nothing will get better.

If only a small fraction of us try, nothing will get better.

The only way for things to get better, is if a lot of us decide that, even if these are things we might not be able to change, we won't be able to be who we are or to maintain self pride and integrity unless we are among the ones who take a stand at this historic time for the important issues and refuse to sit idly by because everyone thinks they're just one person and can't make a difference, because...

If a lot of us all stand up and try all at once, we cannot lose.  There would be no stopping us.

I am amazed to realize that, starting with the "Summer of Truth" campaign last Summer, shortly after I signed up for a Facebook account that my small circle of truth-seeking friends has now grown to over 3,000 of you.  I am humbled, inspired and wishing there was enough time in the day to know all the friends of friends better than I do now.  And many of you in my friends list each have several hundreds or even thousands of Facebook friends yourselves.

We are very close or perhaps even already at a critical mass to effect widespread change in the larger culture.

All that has to happen, is for each of us to stop being afraid of ridicule and other consequences and just speak the truth as we understand it to our friends and families, both here on Facebook and in person.

A friend of mine from an Ivy League college once described an ad hoc Psychology experiment they conducted on a warm Spring day while many students were studying on the lawns of a mall with a large fountain in the center.  They reasoned  if just one of them jumped into the fountain, people would notice, but not likely join in.  If two of them did it, same story.  If three... and this is where it got interesting...  if it was three people who appeared to be cohorts, the onlookers might also not take part, figuring it was just a small in-group, but, they hypothesized, IF THEY MADE IT APPEAR that the three of them were all acting independently and spontaneously, many would conclude that IT WAS JUST AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAD COME at least for that nice warm spring day, the first such day after a long winter and MANY would join in cavorting and getting soaking wet in the fountain.  And guess what?  That's exactly what happened.  Their hypothesis was right.  When the three Psychology students broke and made their play from three different directions, coverging loudly and joyfully in fountain, everyone was pulled into the mood as if by magic and many dozens of fellow students joined them in a kind baptismal realization."

We can do something similar.

We need to do more than just speak the truth.

We need to speak the truth often enough that many people will be hearing it from at least a handful of friends and family members.

We need to speak the truth with confidence that we've done our homework and we know what we're talking about.

We need to speak the truth like everyone knows it and people who don't are just behind the curve and in danger of falling behind.

Because falling behind is what the herd mentality fears most-- because everyone knows what happens to the herd member who falls most behind when the predators are about.

I fear I will not be able to rest until we succeed.  And I do need some rest.  I know many of you are already working hard and it's awesome and inspiring.  Some of you could do more.  Some among us are preoccupied with survival and just need a little help and support to be able to do more of this work.  Whatever it takes, is what we must do.

God bless you all.  At times I feel you are my brothers and sisters in ways that go beyond blood.

We are the bearers of the ideas whose time has come.

It's time to deliver.

-- Martin Truther  3/25/2011


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Extraordinariness is in the Eyes of the Beholder

When people argue against UFOs with me an cite the Carl Sagan quote, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof", I like to point out that extraordinariness is in the eye of the beholder.

I think it would be extraordinary if the Earth were the only planet in the universe with intelligent life. By definition, really. There's never been any extraordinary proof that we are alone.

I think it would be extraordinary to suppose Earth's intelligent life was the most advanced in the universe when other solar systems had 4-5 billion year head starts (our Sun is a second generation star, made from the remnants of exploded first generation stars). There's never been any extraordinary proof that our civilization is the most advanced in the universe.

I think it would be extraordinary to suppose that none of the more advanced intelligent civilizations, many of which could be BILLIONs of years more advanced than ours ever figured out how to travel faster than the speed of light when our own theorists are already working on the problem and our civilization could barely fly and couldn't even break the speed of sound a mere HUNDRED years ago. There's never been any conclusive extraordinary proof that faster-than-light travel is impossible.

I think it would be extraordinary if, given the ability to travel faster than light and millions of years of freedom to travel that none of these advanced civilizations ever visited Earth for resources, anthropological studies, perhaps even experimentation-- or even just curiosity or compassion. There's never been any extraordinary proof that Earth has NOT been visited.

So, don't talk to me about "extraordinary proof". I insist on a level intellectual playing field. If you permit expert opinion on one side, you have to accept in on both sides. If you allow the testimony of multiple credible witnesses to stand on one side of an argument, you have to allow testimony of multiple credible witnesses on both sides. Whatever your epistemological discipline, be it the journalist's multiple independent corroborating sources, or the detective's process of gathering evidence and witness testimony or the historian's reliance on artifacts and documents or the much vaunted chemist's "reproducible results"-- whatever standard you allow for truth in other realms of your intellectual life, you should be open to the same standards in the subject of UFOs.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Red Pill: Moving Forward

Hi Martin,

I have tried to talk to my own friends about what is going on and to warn them about things that are going to happen.

Either I get no response or am told that I am paranoid and worry about things I can't change.

I have even asked neighbors if they would be interested in creating community resilience in light of peak oil, economy collapse and climate change.

There are only 2 neighbors who seem to have an understanding how huge these issues are.

Some people don't even care.

It makes me feel like I need to back off because I am not gonna make them see or help them prepare.

Unfortunately It'll be too late to prepare when they finally want to know what I know. Just have to wait til then.

Or maybe I need a break.

I can't do all the work.

People who want to know will look for answers like I did.


Aud Cantebury


Hi Aud,

First off, you are *so* not alone in this experience. Many, many of us in the "truther" community have had similar feelings of isolation and being ostracized living in conventional society. However, looking around at the sense of exhilaration I get from many people when they first discover the growing, connected truther community, I know that we're at the cusp of reaching critical mass where we begin to influence the larger society. I can only imagine it might have felt like this for blacks finding themselves in the Harlem renaissance or gays arriving in Castro for their first time in the early days of the gay pride movement. There is a universal human experience of joy upon finding there is a whole community of other people like yourself-- people who understand you, people who see the world in ways similar to yours and people who express themselves in a common framework with you.

The challenge and the question before each of us is this-- Are we meant to be the canary in the coalmine or are we to become the phoenix rising from the ashes? As innovators and early-adopters of a new understanding of the world we live in, do we allow circumstances to overwhelm us until the discord and disconnect between conventional civilization and our transcending awareness becomes so great and so toxic that it ultimately kills us and we serve merely as martyrs pointing mutely to the horizon as our lives ebb away? Or, do we ride the wave and lead the rest of humanity, or at least as much of humanity as is willing and able to follow, to a promised land of peace, sustainability, justice, simplicity and spirituality?

The path of the canary is very simple—just keep trying to survive in the currently dominant paradigm until it kills you. Hopefully, some will find something instructive about your example and try to do something different.

The path of the phoenix, on the other hand, is anything but simple. You have to simultaneously reinvent every aspect of your way of life to break free of the negative feedback loops that keep you locked in the unstable equilibrium of the dominant paradigm. All of the real problems are interlinked and mutually reinforcing so you have to leap-frog over mere incremental improvements to adopt a completely new system of life. All of the incremental solutions are prohibitively expensive by design. You have to leap frog over buying overpriced organic food at the supermarket to growing your own from seed. You have to leap frog over hydrogen fuel cell cars to ride a bicycle, walk or telecommute. You have to leap frog over alternative private schooling to home (co-)schooling. You have to leap frog over most alternative health care modalities to begin to use your own mind-body connections for health. You have to leap frog over the overpriced green housing in urban centers to owner-built earthships on inexpensive land far from the current centers of civilization. In almost every conceivable way, halfway measures intended to achieve partial solutions are impractical and will ultimately fail. It is only through complete transformation that we can reach the new equilibrium.

If you keep your day job, you're stuck near an urban center, but can't live close to your workplace, nor too far away from it, so you're stuck buying an expensive home (in the suburbs if you want a garden) and driving a car, and schooling your children in public schools, getting them vaccinated, etc. etc. If you begin by owning a suburban house, all of the above is also implied. If it's preferred public schools that keep you in your neighborhood, again you're stuck with the whole package. You really have to change everything at once.

And that is daunting.

Even Martha Stewart on steroids wouldn't have the energy and intelligence to address all these problems with do-it-yourself solutions at the same time.

This is why I say, “It takes an eco-village to raise… an eco-village”. The problem is very definitely akin to pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. There really is no way to “get there from here”—you just have to make a quantum leap, be there, and stay there. But, and this is important, the process is far, far easier when done with a group of similarly-minded individuals. Unfortunately, being on the leading edge, we are not so likely to find these similarly-minded individuals next door.

Getting to the new paradigm is not impossible and it's not like human beings have never done anything like this before. Pilgrims organizing and sailing on ships to the New World had a similarly daunting path. Pioneers loading up their Calistoga wagons in St. Louis and forming into wagon trains for the long journey west on the Oregon Trail also had a similarly daunting path.

The best visionaries trying to communicate to us what the possible futures should look like include the more recently popular Jacques Fresco (Venus Project), Buckminster Fuller and lesser known techno-utopians like Marshall T. Savage and various science fiction authors. Unfortunately, even a medium-sized village would have difficulty implementing their designs in the very near future. Going directly to the technological visions will require a much larger population base of people working toward these kinds of solutions. It is a little like trying to send a space mission to Mars without first setting up a staging base on the Moon.

In the near term, there are a number of existing and forming “intentional communities” (see ) that are attempting to model new approaches to collectively surviving and thriving into the future. The most promising variations are along the lines of an eco-village model. Eco-villages generally provide participants with affordable and self-sufficient owner/community-built housing/shelter and locally-grown wholesome organic food. Often, most of the eco-village's energy is generated locally with wind, solar or geothermal power. These communities can be joined and strengthened and made even more self-reliant. It will also be important to form many more intentional communities as their advantages become more apparent to those who are essentially trapped in the conventional economy.

Many of these communities can trace their origins back to the 1970's era “Back to the Land” movement as best described by such publications as “the Mother Earth News” and the “Foxfire” series of books (not to be confused with the “Firefox” browser). Despite their origins, and the return to simpler times that the movement represented, many found that the back-to-the-land option, without the benefit of more modern technology was extremely labor intensive and difficult to characterize as an improved standard of living.

More sophisticated technology has been developed for permaculture and hydroponics, alternative energy, efficient transport and appliances, and many other necessary manufactured goods. The concept of the EarthShip housing model where the home feeds and warms its occupants is a powerful antidote to the conventional home that is little more than a banker's tool for extracting workers' lifetime salaries.

The question arises, however, in the long-term, how are manufactured goods produced and distributed? Are they made by the same corporations currently making them? I think not. There is a better model for industrial production, exemplified by the “Mondragon” federation of worker-owned companies in the Basque region of Spain that, I believe, holds the key to creating jobs and sustainable technology for eco-village dwellers.

With the recent release of “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward”, there has been increasing discussion and debate about whether or not the RBE (Resource-Based Economy) described in Zeitgeist is achievable and, if so, how do we get from here, the status quo, to there?

I would suggest that the way forward goes something like this:

•  Widespread community organizing, both rural and within neighborhoods, to achieve food freedom/security and greater energy self-reliance and home efficiencies. Car-pooling, cooperative food buying, pot-luck meals, etc. go a long way to creating an atmosphere for the sharing of further ideas that can be built upon to get to further stages.

•  Where possible, building of EarthShips and other innovative, “off-grid” self-sufficient structures to complete or form eco-villages and increase home ownership with less debt.

•  Development of worker-owned industrial collectives to make more and more of the products needed by eco-villages and create local jobs.

•  Expansion.

Note that the elimination of currency and the use of AI software for resource management is not included in these first stages. Because people tend to be wasteful with free resources and because free resources tend to get absconded by people not necessarily participating in or contributing to the RBE, it will at least be necessary to use some form of currency until a critical mass of people is participating and for a few generations until people are normally raised without the slightest trace of the idea that conspicuous consumption and status go hand-in-hand.

The AI software posited by RBE advocates is practically achievable, but, like electronic voting machines, impossible to prevent from being exploited for personal gain by unscrupulous programmers. The two main solutions to this problem are (1) extreme decentralization; and (2) transparent, open-source software code. It is possible that AI, per se, will not play a role at all, but that the emerging intelligence of widespread, interoperating systems for initiation and tracking of resource movements will come to fulfill the functions envisioned.

Thus, by steps, we might emerge as a society free from many of the current problems we face.

We can address problems of food and water toxicity by collecting our own water (from rain) and growing our own organic, non-GMO food.

We can build our own housing far more cheaply than buying through a bank and enjoy the tax savings that come with owner-built housing.

With greater financial freedom and better food and water, many of the health problems that currently plague our culture will be much diminished.

With greater self-reliance, we become less and less dependent on government and big business and more able to assert the “will of the people” on these institutions instead of the other way round.

This is just a beginning on this topic. I hope people will ask clarifying questions that I can revise to and improve this plan over time.

--  Martin Feb 7 2011

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Even If I Do Say So Myself-- 38 Friends Say Even Better Things About the Red Pill Guide

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Liz Abbott This is excellent, everybody!! Great to start by overviewing it all! I learned new things, & reinforced things I knew, just by dong that for starters! Lots of good stuff here to focus in on. HIGHLY recommended! Great for both novice & experienced Truth Seekers!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All Heaven Will Break Loose!

In reality, there is no capital in this world apart from the labor of our hands, the ideas in our minds, the creations of our ancestors and the goodness of the Earth. Everything else is illusion and when the winner of this absurd game we call "the economy" has deposited the last dollar, the last Euro, the last pound and all the world's money and gold and silver in his private, guarded vault, the only thing left to keep the rest of us from going on about the business of living well and richly is our own self-oppressing expectation that we have to do whatever the man with the pretty papers says we have to do. Once we let go of that pathetic notion, all heaven will break loose!

So... how much longer... are we going to just... keep on... letting them define our reality this way?

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money." -- Matthew 6:24, English Standard Version. (see for biblical version comparisons)

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

But The Television May Be Revolutionized, Or "I Like To Watch"

It has well been said that "the revolution will not be televised", but with the internet it may now be possible for the “television” to be revolutionized. If you doubt that, check out the video links in the "Red Pill Guide" section of this blog.

The genius of Gandhi's peaceful revolution in India was that all he asked the people to do was “nothing”—a general strike that paralyzed the British colonial government. After a couple centuries of colonization, the Indians' culture had become much less confrontational so a conventional revolution was very unlikely to succeed. The general strike allowed everyone to make their point with almost no face-to-face confrontation. Gandhi took what might have been considered a weakness to a classical revolutionary strategist and turned it into a strength.

Today, in western cultures, “doing nothing” is practically synonymous with watching TV, an activity that comes quite easily for (too) many people. But what if we could borrow a page from Gandhi's playbook and make watching “television” (aka "doing nothing") a revolutionary act?

I submit that by circulating links to many of the videos all of us have been watching and advocating, we enable our friends and relatives to play a part in remaking society by simply watching. Films and documentaries like Zeitgeist, Terrorstorm, Disclosure Project, Loose Change, Evidence of Revision produce a revolutionary change in thinking. Eventually, as goes the mind, so goes the body and daily actions. It is my hope that we'll soon reach a critical mass and begin to move from eduction into action—by actively changing our patterns of living to avoid cooperating with injustice and to cooperate more completely with the natural world while, simultaneously preserving and enhancing appropriate technology.

Indeed, as we change our thinking, these changes will become inevitable.

...I like to watch...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Logic of C.S. Lewis's Professor Kirke -- "There are only three possibilities."

Never underestimate people's strength and persistence in their ability to resist new information. If you're like me, you've probably had any number of exasperating experiences trying to convince someone you know that something they've been conditioned to dismiss as a mere "conspiracy theory" is, in fact, true. You may feel that, of all characters in ancient Greek literature, Cassandra is the nearest and dearest to your own heart.

Finding truly open and logical people is rare and worthy of celebration, even if, as in this case, they're fictional.

I'd just like to say, for the record, that one person I'd like on my investigating team, even though he's fictional, is professor Kirke in C.S. Lewis's novel, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", the first book in the author's "Chronicles of Narnia" series.

In this story, set in England during World War II, a family sends their four children to live with a professor in the countryside for their safety. Lucy, the youngest of the siblings, discovers a separate reality called Narnia when, during a game of hide-and-seek, she walks out the back of a large wooden wardrobe and discovers a snow-covered woodlands where she meets a faun who receives her as his guest for tea. Upon her return to the wardrobe and the professor's house, she describes her experience to her brothers and sisters, but, of course, they don't believe her because when they look in the wardrobe, there's nothing unusual.

Later, her brother Edmund, the second youngest, also finds the snow-covered woodlands and happens to meet a Queen who is quite fascinated to find a human child in her realm and pumps him for information while plying him with sweets. Edmund tells Lucy of his experience and she's much relieved to have validation of her experience, but when the older siblings ask about it, Edmund claims both he and Lucy were only pretending and that Narnia exists only in their imaginations. Lucy is crushed and won't speak to her siblings. The older siblings are concerned about Lucy's insistence that her experience was real and decide to consult the professor about it.

Read the following passage while keeping in mind the many real-life down-the-rabbit-hole and through-the-looking-glass scenarios we "truthers" are discovering to be true in our real-life research. I think you'll agree Professor Kirke is a treat with his straightforward and refreshing perspective. After all, if someone's not lying and they're not mad, then the only other possibility is they're telling the truth, right? Ah, would that life were so simple. Enjoy!

... the Professor said "Come in," and got up and found chairs for them and said he was quite at their disposal. Then he sat listening to them with the tips of his fingers pressed together and never interrupting, till they had finished the whole story. After that he said nothing for quite a long time. Then he cleared his throat and said the last thing either of them expected:

"How do you know," he asked, "that your sister's story is not true?"

"Oh, but -" began Susan, and then stopped. Anyone could see from the old man's face that he was perfectly serious. Then Susan pulled herself together and said, "But Edmund said they had only been pretending."

"That is a point," said the Professor, "which certainly deserves consideration; very careful consideration. For instance - if you will excuse me for asking the question - does your experience lead you to regard your brother or your sister as the more reliable? I mean, which is the more truthful?"

"That's just the funny thing about it, sir," said Peter. "Up till now, I'd have said Lucy every time."

"And what do you think, my dear?" said the Professor, turning to Susan.

"Well," said Susan, "in general, I'd say the same as Peter, but this couldn't be true - all this about the wood and the Faun."

"That is more than I know," said the Professor, "and a charge of lying against someone whom you have always found truthful is a very serious thing; a very serious thing indeed."

"We were afraid it mightn't even be lying," said Susan; "we thought there might be something wrong with Lucy."

"Madness, you mean?" said the Professor quite coolly. "Oh, you can make your minds easy about that. One has only to look at her and talk to her to see that she is not mad."

"But then," said Susan, and stopped. She had never dreamed that a grown-up would talk like the Professor and didn't know what to think.

"Logic!" said the Professor half to himself. "Why don't they teach logic at these schools? There are only three possibilities. Either your sister is telling lies, or she is mad, or she is telling the truth. You know she doesn't tell lies and it is obvious that she is not mad For the moment then and unless any further evidence turns up, we must assume that she is telling the truth."

Susan looked at him very hard and was quite sure from the expression on his face that he was not making fun of them.

"But how could it be true, sir?" said Peter.

"Why do you say that?" asked the Professor.

"Well, for one thing," said Peter, "if it was true why doesn't everyone find this country every time they go to the wardrobe? I mean, there was nothing there when we looked; even Lucy didn't pretend there was."

"What has that to do with it?" said the Professor.

"Well, sir, if things are real, they're there all the time."

"Are they?" said the Professor; and Peter didn't know quite what to say.

"But there was no time," said Susan. "Lucy had no time to have gone anywhere, even if there was such a place. She came running after us the very moment we were out of the room. It was less than minute, and she pretended to have been away for hours."

"That is the very thing that makes her story so likely to be true," said the Professor. "If there really is a door in this house that leads to some other world (and I should warn you that this is a very strange house, and even I know very little about it) - if, I say, she had got into another world, I should not be at all surprised to find that the other world had a separate time of its own; so that however long you stay there it would never take up any of our time. On the other hand, I don't think many girls of her age would invent that idea for themselves. If she had been pretending, she would have hidden for a reasonable time before coming out and telling her story."

"But do you really mean, sir," said Peter, "that there could be other worlds - all over the place, just round the corner - like that?"

"Nothing is more probable," said the Professor, taking off his spectacles and beginning to polish them, while he muttered to himself, "I wonder what they do teach them at these schools."

Many years ago, I shelved all my research on paranormal and conspiracy subjects because, at that time, we relied almost solely on books for this kind of information and when only the author's words are available, it's too easy to give suspicions that the author is lying (or insane) too much credence. With the advent of the internet, we're now able to go listen to author's talks and interviews. In many cases, their honesty and sanity are far too compelling to leave any room for doubts about their testimony, and that leaves only the third possibility-- that they're telling the truth.


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